Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vitamins for Growing Up

My little boy is such a charmer and everybody seems to like him too. He always have smile for our visitors, relatives and family friends. Sometimes he entertains our guests when we’re busy with others during family occasions. When I visit him in school I also noticed that he has many friends who chuckles and laugh with him during their breaks. Then one day he arrived home asking me to buy him the vitamins that will make him taller. I was surprised and laughed at myself after.

I was asking him if he has a crush on his class that’s taller than him. I remember my friend taking human growth hormones supplements to stimulate growth and to gain height. He’s courting a lady who is a little taller than him and he’s been thinking if his height will pose a problem on making the girl of his dream accept his love proposal. I think not as I know that in the field of love age and height doesn’t matter.


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