Friday, October 7, 2011

Outdoor Sports Activities

My daughters had their field trip yesterday and they really enjoyed their trip as they’ve been to soldiers’ camp and get to see the famous falls in our province. I actually envied them slightly because I’ve never been close to that place because I can’t find time to go there. My kids are raving about the beauty of the place and they remembered that we should plan some outdoor activities when their second quarter ends. I’m planning for a short out-of-town vacation break should our finances allow us but if things and providence will not be in our way maybe we can plan other activities.

It has always been my kids’ preference to enjoy a long weekend in my MIL’s house because their place is like a rural or province where you can see the mountains from your windows when you wake up. Now I’m thinking of getting them back to some of their well-loved sports like chess, baseball, badminton and basketball. Any of these sports would surely make them occupied and happy. I just have to buy some sports gear like sport shirts, Baseball Gloves and some other accessories for them as their sports things are rather old and worn out. 

Since I’m always at work maybe I could get some online help by searching through Franklin Sports Gear variety of products for different type of sports. They provide gear and accessories for sports like basketball, football, baseball, soccer and a lot more things apt for your sports gear’s requirements. Hope I could find the ones I need at competitive price.

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