Friday, October 28, 2011

Top Ten Lists

People always want to know the most popular, the best, the worst and those artists and things that top various categories. Thus there are sites and survey companies that really do the searching and studies in determining who made it to the top ten. I came upon a site that discusses Totally Top 10  in various walks of life like the top 10 overrated designer, top ten most popular cars, top ten awesome Australian outback adventures, top ten low cost 4x4s and a lot more. It’s actually exciting and somewhat funny to read all those people and things in the top charts. 

It’s only a list but it became popular because it’s man’s way of knowing whose in or out, whose fashionable or not and things like that. Well I’ve read about those foreign actresses with Sexy Lips  and gone through the lists which includes various types of beauties with pretty lips in various types. This can be quite interesting to many people who follow the life of the rich, famous and interesting celebrities and popular people.


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