Thursday, February 18, 2010

:TC - Old Equipment : My Father's Old Piano

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This one doesn't look old because it was restored by my brother 3 years ago. This is my father's grand old piano way back 1945. He didn't enroll in any piano lesson but he can play some songs in this piano. We have this since we're born but due to his early stroke when we were young we never had the money and time to enroll in piano class. My brother had his three kids enrolled in piano classes and instead of buying a new one he had this piano restored to working condition.

This is a classic Hampton piano and it took four men to carry it from our house to restoration place. They have to separate its pieces because it's too heavy and big and it's located in our upper floor. It took him around PhP30,000 to restore the physical look and the right notes of the keys. We're happy to see our father's old piano restored to its beauty as it's also part of my father's memories. He died 13 years ago.


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