Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking Natural Medicine

My daughter’s friend developed acne early in her teens and she’s worried that it might leave a permanent mark on her skin after sometime. As early as now I’ve been reading reviews and researched about the possible causes of acne. I believe that it’s partly hereditary with the kind of skin we have like my cousin who had it in her teens and up to when she’s working already. Her father had the same problem with his skin on the face. Some told me that it’s your cleaning habit and your exposure to some elements that can cause too much dirt on your face. There are many opinions and theories I have come to hear but what matters now is how this acne is being treated. Ruth is entering teens this year and if she will have problem on pimples or acne I will search for natural acne pills first before letting doctors prescribed her with medicines. Honestly I prefer my kids not to take any medicine on that not until they’re big grownups already.


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