Monday, February 8, 2010

What Kind of Dairy Product You Are

I'm too sleepy to do blogging now that I only visited some blogs of my friends. We arrived late from MIL's house in Montalban yesterday night. It's only less than an hour before the clock strikes twelve. Anyway we're so happy with our third week of bringing DH's Mom safely home in their new house in Montalban. Here's what I got to perk up some lazy mood. Read to know what this quiz got to say about me as what probably be the appropriate kind of dairy product :-) Just some nice not so serious quiz this Manic Monday, enjoy life!

You Are Butter

You're the type of person who works behind the scenes, making sure to bring out the best in everyone else.
It's likely that people don't appreciate you for who you are. But people would sure miss you if you were gone.

A little of you goes a long way. You have a very powerful impact on the world, even if it's a bit subtle at times.
Some people may avoid you out of fear, but there is nothing wrong with you... in moderation, that is!


luvsclassics February 9, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

Hi WAHM's cozy corner. Can you give the web address?link so other bloggers can take the quiz and see what kind of dairy product we are?

Butter sounds like has some good qualities.

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