Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Choosing the Best Web Host

I’ve been employed for several years before I started blogging with the help of my friend who taught me the basics to learn about setting up a blog. After two years of blogging I decided to quit my job and be a work-at-home Mom to concentrate on attending to my family’s needs. Through my sites I was able to share my thoughts, inspirational experiences and my family’s journey through life. It’s always been a dream for me to write and my sites helped me fulfill my dream in a way. Blogging has brought me a lot of things including knowledge, friendship and opportunity to earn some bucks online. I didn’t imagine that I can gain many friends through blogging and be able to help my husband in financial needs. Another two months and I’m into my third year blogging anniversary, feels like it was only months since I’ve begun this wonderful hobby and work.

I started out sharing my thoughts and posting my entries on free hosted bravejournal then tried blogger where I learned how to redirect my blogspot blogs to domain. I was so excited when I bought my very first domain name which is actually my first name. It was a nice feeling when I finally redirected my blogspot into my very own domain. I never had problems with the web hosting company that I bought my domain from. I was glad because if you’re a blogger you must be careful in choosing your web host because it’s the life of your blog. Before I bought my domain I asked recommendations from friend and read reviews from web hosting directories so I’ll get updated information of top 10 web hosts.

It really helps reading those reviews especially when I visit which provides lists of the top ten web hosting providers. They list each web host capabilities and features like reliability, uptime, technical support, customer service and affordability. From that list you can choose the right one for your specific needs. I even read their monthly best web hosting awards and found the host in each of their specialties like the best budget hosting , best email hosting, best blog hosting, best windows hosting, and many other awards. This can help people choose the host according to their best capabilities like the best domain hosting award which can be very useful for us bloggers who look for the right web host to take care of our domain sites. I noted the site that won the award and checked the site for future use.


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