Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Grocery

Last week we were so late coming home because we drove MIL from our church to their house in Montalban. This is the second time we drove her home and we saw again the beautiful place where they have their new house. You can see the Sierra Madre mountain from across the village and the place was so quiet you’ll mistake it for a provincial town. Well it’s not a city but definitely it’s not a rural area. We have our church mates with us, we’re actually 18 to be exact including the kids and we had a very happy travel to the place. We’re planning to have a bible study there and DH’s brother will ask permission from the village admin.

On our way home we dropped our church mates living in Batasan Hills and drove our way to our home. It took us only a little over an hour from MIL’s place to our house but we never made it to the supermarket near our place. I just asked DH to park at the 24-hour store to buy some emergency essentials in the house. We’re too tired and sleepy then and I was glad that the barcode scanner they have in the store was in good working condition and very fast indeed. I was a little hesitant to shop at small groceries because their equipment is not that updated. This time I was relieved that their service was really quick and easy. I’ll go back to that store whenever we have a need for fast purchase.


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