Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Impossible to Work Now!

Whew so hot today, I can’t do more than a single post. I think this is the reason why I feel so restless and uncomfortable. I decided to take a rest in awhile after I’m done with my mails and some dropping. Well even dropping seems impossible as my connection is almost dragging. My browser crashed again for the 5th times and I should get a real technician to go over my pc or if I have time I’ll devote some hour to check all my files, downloads and everything. Oh that will took my time so much that I just want to hire someone to do it while I work on my sister’s pc. In times like these I should really get a laptop for me so I can work elsewhere when I find it hard to work in my room. I’m not yet decided when because I have two graduates who will enter elementary and high school. I planned to buy one after enrollment so I can get things in proper order and good budgeting. Will rest now!


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