Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Free WP Themes

I’ve been blogging for more than three years now using blogger but slowly my friends are turning to wordpress. They told me that it has to do with a lot of things which are important to bloggers. One friend told me that she’s concerned with ownership and branding and love the way she could install the software to the server under her owned domain name with no sub-domain structures. It’s also more secured as when blog is hacked or database is lost you can still bring back your data from your server or through your host. Well that’s part only of the advantages that I heard from them and looking through WP it has other things that I’m looking forward to like the hundreds of pinging services so you can reach the world through this pings.

I’m still with other providers because it’s really hard to switch because it would take too much of my time but I’m planning to create a new one using WP to get the best of both blog hosts. Now I’m looking at the best wordpress themes available and I love choosing among them. I can choose the most appropriate theme for my new blog. Just looking at them makes me feel more excited at starting a new wp blog. Well after starting on it I have to look at the roster of the best 10 wordpress hosting which I’ll have to decide on choosing soon because I shall need it to complete the hosting.

I’m glad that my friends are there for me to guide through using this new found host which is a little complicated than my other host. Anyway it’s worth it because now I will not only have the means to choose among the best free wordpress themes but have an access to thousands of plugins that will make my blog look more chic, professional and search engine friendly. It’s now easy to share Twitter posts, add Flickr photos and a lot more, I’m really excited.


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