Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hormones and Acne

When we were still in high school many of my friends complained about their pimple and acne breakouts. I’ve experienced those skin problems in my face twice or thrice only which was lucky for me according to them. Most of them tried everything they can to prevent acne from occurring in their faces but some of them failed and had it until college. My cousin who was in the same dilemma consulted dermatologist but after two months of treatment it will go back again especially if she stop using the medicine. 

She learned that her problem has something to do with hormones and acne and she got it from her father’s blood. She’s my cousin through her Mom so it answered her question about why we almost never had it. Anyway she didn’t stop from there and through research she finally found the best remedy for her. That was several years back and now it’s not her worries anymore.


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