Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day with My DSI Friends

Got a chance to spend my friday afternoon with my former colleagues and friends, my officemates in Design Science where I've worked for 10 years before I was transferred by my boss (the same owner) to his telecommunications business. Well I'm so happy to see my dearest friends whom I've worked for almost a decade and whom I've shared endless working nights, sometimes overnights for 3 days doing technical proposal for bidding projects. A day is not enough for us to catch up with the tales of our lives after we transferred to different companies. We're a group of more than 12 and some of us are now living in USA and Canada. Few are working abroad in Asian countries while most of us who were left here in our country have been employed in better jobs.

I'm just too tired now to upload our photos but will do it later.


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