Monday, August 2, 2010

Manic Monday #216

What are your 10 greatest joys in life?

Fellowship, My 3 kids, Dear Husband, Dad, Mom & Siblings, Relatives-friends, Vacation & Travel, Blogging and Tasks, Hobbies (cooking, reading, surfing and sports), Music and Sleep where I can forget everything and just relax in my dreams.

I’ll never do get angry and lose my temper again and here’s why:

It's bad to get angry and lose your temper at the same time because it will lead to more problems such as hurting the feelings of your loved ones, hating yourself in the end, will not solve the problems and may get worse, kids may not understand what you're trying to say and you'll be misunderstood. I learned that it's better to say some words softly to convey your message clearly. I'm trying and praying that I will not lose my temper anymore. God help me.

What’s the coolest piece of technology you work or play with?

I don't have lots of techie gadgets but my coolest I love to work and play with are my digicam and laptop! I'm saving for a nice techie wifi mobile phone!


Sam August 7, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

you're right about anger. it doesn't do anyone any good. i'm also trying to control my anger now. maybe i need an anger management LOL. thanks for posting!

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