Thursday, January 20, 2011

Managing Finances Wisely

I’ve been sick and lazy with my work for the first two weeks of this month and I’m relieved it’s not our peak season for task assignment. I noticed that before the two week ends our work started to pick up and over the weekend I’ve worked for long hours. I have plenty of tasks and opportunities again and my hands are full with due dates. It’s a good sign with the kind of work-at-home job that I have because that means good earnings in the coming weeks ahead. When work was not that good three years ago we experienced having cash advances in husband’s office but now I tried the trick of saving money for the rainy days.

We’ve managed and survived on low-peak work season because of our savings and no matter how hard it is to avoid shopping temptation I see to it that I save some of my earnings in our cooperative group so when the year ends I’ll have considerable finance money for all our holiday expenses. It’s always good to be able to manage your finances wisely.


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