Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sealing and Surface Protection

I’ve been employed with a Consultancy firm for design and construction supervision of infrastructures, roads and bridges. I was primarily assigned in the technical proposal department and have helped in doing progress reports of current projects. I was exposed to projects that need restoration due to natural disasters and once in a while due to improvement request. Construction is not an easy task and I’ve known this since I’ve worked in that company especially when it comes to stones. When we have building projects which is usually multi-storey buildings or large offices we checked what quality of materials the contractor uses for the project. 

Consultancy works involved seeing through the contractor’s work and assuring that all materials used are of excellent quality. Now I learned that there’s a way on how to further assure that stone will be maintained for a long time. Contractors should learn that sealing granite when they used it for their building projects will improve the stone’s resistance to forces that would soil, spall or stain it. This protective seal of the stone surface will minimize the need for cleaning procedures that can affect the stone’s quality.

With Bonstone professional experience in the field they assure the right methods and kinds of materials to be used to prevent surface damage of the stone thus they seal and protect the stone like what they’re doing when sealing limestone and other kinds. They study the composition of the stone before making any cleaning and sealing to determine which contaminant to clean. Of course product should be suitable to prevent further harm to the surface.

Stones differ in sizes and capabilities but they all need proper cleaning and protection to resist damaging forces that would bring about spoilage. Just like in sealing marble and other kinds of stone Bonstone has built or developed quality products for every stone, concrete repair, tile application, bonding products and more. You can count on their technical team to assist and support you in any way they can.


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