Wednesday, January 19, 2011

University Gear and Apparel

My eldest daughter told me that she wanted to be in their volleyball team but the list is closed now and she can only join the basketball team which is only her second choice. She’s now praying that one of her classmates in the team would back out so she can come in or she’ll have to learn and practice basketball starting this weekend for her to cope up in the game. Well this is for their upcoming Foundation Day where they all must join a sports team to compete with other sections and further to inter-year level. This is her first sports’ competition and she’s excited about it although she’s hoping that she’ll be included in the volleyball team. She’s not as athletic like her younger sister who joins chess, volleyball, badminton and basketball in her primary school but she wants to join now. She’s more artistic and creative but I can see that she can be athletic as well given the chance.
They still don’t discuss about their uniforms now and I’m still thinking what type it will be as I’m browsing now sites that offer personalized clothing for universities like the central michigan university gear. I found C&O Sportswear, quality maker of customized gear for small and large scale for universities or companies. They make great CMU gear with logos embroidered and what’s required in the uniforms. They offer personalized apparel, gear, accessories and a lot more plus they can assure on time delivery even for bulk orders. They’re in the business for several years and been giving quality products that you’ll want to order again next time around.


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