Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun and Informative

Being a work-at-home Mom brings me online most of the day but when my friends asked me if I’m playing online games I told them I’m not much of a player except for word games which excites me so much. Well most of my online friends really plays a lot but this boxhead 2 they say is mostly played by younger generation. They get very excited with playing this 2-player zombie game online. Some really spent too much of their time on online games that it’s hard for them to get away from it.

One friend I knew stays at the office after the regular hours and spent his time playing online war games like age of war to pass away rush hour time. He hates traffic and he brings his notebook along so he can freely play after he timed out. He leaves the office at a much peaceful hours without the traffic. When I asked him why he want war games he told me that he’s also fond of war movies. So that explains his preferences for entertainment.

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