Saturday, January 22, 2011

Landing a Good Job

Work at home Moms like me should have discipline on scheduling of work because it’s easy to be sidetracked on doing the job later as you have more time than when you’re in an office. Time management is of the essence or you’ll be burdened with expiring tasks at the time of due dates. It’s easier to do online tasks ahead of time so you will enjoy working and writing. Sometimes people work better when under time pressure but I don’t like the feeling of running after the time, it’s risky also. 

And I don’t want to take so much risk in my life that’s why even my college degree course was chosen because I want to secure good employment after college. That’s my goal then just like my high school classmate who took up beauty course in one of the best schools like Regency Beauty Institute to ensure good paying job after her graduation from that school. When you graduated from reputable school which is known for delivering quality education and training it’s more likely that you’ll land a good job. 

Well the course I’ve taken in college was actually my third choice but I didn’t risk taking up my first choice because employment on that course is not that stable. We need to be employed right away after college because my father has suffered stroke and my Mom was the only one working for us. It’s tough but we felt challenge has taken us to where we are now. All of us finished college without back subjects and was employed right away, a blessing my Mom was very thankful until now. 

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