Monday, October 15, 2018

4 Reasons Arc Flash Analysis Saves Employee Lives

Uncovering the dangers of arc flash with arc flash hazard analysis will show where the weaknesses are and determine the best changes to make to help alleviate the risk. Below are four reasons that this type of in-depth analysis can actually save the lives of your employees.

Ensures Meeting Compliance Regulations and Establishes Safe Minimum Requirements

OSHA is the agency that oversees workplace hazards like arc flash and makes determinations on whether everything is in full compliance. Your company may need to have the equipment and other electrical items worked on without shutting down the power grid. Arc flash analysis sets the minimum requirements that allow for an employee or electrician to safely work with live wires.

Determines Incident Energy Level Risks and Electrical Grid Coordination

The amount of energy an employee can come into contact with can determine the increased risk of arc flash incidences. An analysis can also determine if there is any crossover in the grid, which can become an unknown hazard.

Creation of Standardized Use of Safety Equipment and Personal Protective Gear

The avoidance of arc flash incidences can be as simple as using the right personal protective gear. The right shoes, jackets, helmets, gloves and more can eliminate the arcing of electrical energy to the person or object they are holding.

Placement of Proper Labels to Avoid Arc Flash Incidences

All areas and equipment that are subject to arc flash hazards need to be visibly marked with the right labels of warning. It should include specific details about the risk and how to minimize the chance of an arc flash incident. All employees will have to be trained about the risk and the importance of personal protective gear.

Arc flash incidences can happen suddenly and cause tremendous injuries, property damage, or employee death. Every step taken to prevent this tragedy is a great investment of time and resources.


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