Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Saving My Whims on My Birthday

I love looking at beautiful purses online but I’m always like that looking but not wanting to buy because I’m really a thrift Mom when it comes to my personal things. I’m more inclined to buying accessories or things for my PC and furniture in the house. Anyway when I chanced upon a site I frequently visit I got excited to find some great deals on Fendi pencil spalmati flap wallet. I like everything about it, the color, the leather materials, prints and the style.

Even though it’s on sale it’s still expensive for me so I’m saving it for my birthday. I always justify my whim when I buy it on my birthday. I’m not really a shopper of personal things except on the last month of the year. My husband would sometimes ask me to go to a mall and choose my clothes so I will not disagree into buying. With this good deal on the nice wallet I hope there will be more deals on this style soon.


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