Monday, September 27, 2010

Some Accessories We Need for the Car

I’ve blogged previously about my brother lending us his other car for whatever purpose we may have and at anytime we want to use the car, in short we can use it every day if we want to. We’ve started using it even though the long rest from usage of the car makes it stop sometimes when DH is driving. One time after we’ve loaded up fuel it really stopped but we’re saved because the gas station boys helped us in starting up the engine. Cars should really be maintained well because it will have troubles along the way if it’s unused for a long period of time. Anyway the car is still as good as it were but it just showed us that we really have to check all parts to ensure good service from the car. 

We’re starting the overall check up now and we’ll make sure that all parts should be in good condition before we use it again. As per our friend’s check up here are the findings: the engine is good, batteries needs starting up every day , lights are all functioning well, clutch and brakes are ok, wiper motor needs replacement and some other parts will have to be checked by a real mechanic because some needs to be checked by equipment. We’ve noted also that we have to get a quality cold air intake and filter that will ensure that hot dirty air coming from outside will turn into clean cool breeze that will help the engine run smoothly. Hot, dusty and dirty air usually clogs up and affects the performance of the engine. 

We have listed some more accessories that we need to put into the car for good performance. Some accessories like air intakes, rain guards, custom gauges and others are important parts that can give our cars good performance while travelling down the road. Hopefully in two or three months’ time we’ll be able to complete the list so we can use the car with ease and enjoyment.


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