Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Amazing Race - Knowing the Teams

Just watched The Amazing Race 17th Season and as always loved the excitement brought by watching reality show. It was actually my first to watch it from start to finish as I never really started or finished an episode of this due to busy schedule. As I'm so exhausted and wanted to rest I did watched it from the beginning up to ending hour. Hope I can do it again next viewing. 

Learned some quick assessment of the contestants from 11 teams like the temper of Chad, the inspiring not so strong team of father-daughter and father-son teams who despite of age differences have made it through and Claire the hero for Brook who faced the challenge after the rebound of water melon on her face. I thought she'll never gonna make it and then Brook told her that she ought to finish it with headache and eyes that can't see. Well she conquered it and finished 2nd. Jill &Thomas got the most coveted Express Cash.  Rony & Tony who made it as 1st to the Flight were the ones eliminated.


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