Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SWB Surprising Findings

Studies of SWB or Subjective Well-Being are overturning many cherished myths and came up with new findings. Among these are:

Happiness knows no gender. Studies showed a less than one percent difference in happiness between the sexes.

Happiness doesn't depend on age. No particular stage of life is less happy than another.

Wealth does not beget happiness. In a survey list of 100 wealthiest people it was found that the privileged aren't much happier, overall, than average folk.

Happiness and Marriage go together. While conflict between couples can be an important factor in people's unhappiness most people are happier 'attached' than 'unattached'. Married people are less lonely than singles and enjoy more supportive relationships. Also, marriage offers two roles, spouse and parent, that can enhance self-esteem and happiness.


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