Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stock Video Clips, HD Stock Footage and More

I was asking my daughter Ruth what probable course in college she will take after high school. I’ve observed that she’s more inclined in media arts and told her to think carefully before choosing any degree she wants to take. It should be what she really wanted to take for her to be inspired in studies. I think that’s a very good course and I can see that she’s going to excel on that course. It can also be one of the most sought after studies in few years as multimedia has showing great innovations and improvement now. Actually I’m really amazed at the fast turnaround of technology rise. People are now using very small players that can hold their favorite songs of up to thousand choices with other features that take pictures and make phone calls all in one small gadget.

In entertainment world you can see how they apply modern technology in their videos and after effect plugins. It produces higher ratings with the public consumers because they were amazed especially if the viewer is not that familiar with super modern technology. I came upon, an online site that provides and sells hd stock footage, motion templates, music/sound fx and after effects projects. I saw their stock of amazing pictures which has great captures and I thought of buying one from them. What struck me most are the stock video clips that they have in the site. I thought I was watching a movie; it was created with the best quality audio and video effects.


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