Monday, September 13, 2010

Best House Plans

My office friend from my previous work place complained to me of high apartment rents that they had to pay and had been for several years now. Rental fees for apartments has a 10% increase yearly depending on the owner’s contract so it’s a burden to rent a place when you can’t own it in the future. There are many houses for sale now wherein you can apply for a rent-to-own agreement. For me it’s better than renting because after several years of renting you will have spent a lot of money. It’s also exciting to live in your own house because you have the liberty to do whatever you want wherein in an apartment there are rules and regulations that you have to follow. Well I understand those who want to rent first because they want to stand on their own feet and experience what it’s like to live on your own. But if you do some calculations you will see that you will have paid a hefty sum that could have been used for a down payment, and only with only a year's amount of rent. Best of all, is to save up enough to build your own, to your dream specifications.

It would feel so good moving into your dream house created from your desired house plan and I’ve experienced it when we moved out from our provincial house here in our town near the city. It’s saddening for me to lose my friends but it’s also exciting to see what's in store for us. Of course it was the best among the many houseplans and we're proud of it. I would always be happy to look online at the variety of resources and products  that has. They have pre-drawn house plans ready to purchase and can be used immediately to build your desired home. They have extensive plans to choose from like contemporary, modern, luxury, ranch and many more, big and small. They even have plans for backyards, sheds and garage. Visiting their site is very enjoyable as you can get helpful tips, resources and tools aside from the beautiful photo and video galleries of houses created from the floor plans.


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