Thursday, December 8, 2011

Personalized Health Care

I’m happy today that Mom has completed her sleep and not complaining about her arthritis. The past few days have been painful for her as the cold weather increases the pain on her knees. She doesn’t want to take the regular medicines for her arthritis because she prefers the external one or the ointment. We’re now thinking of getting her the usual therapy she had years ago. We’re planning to look for the right physical therapist because she has had a consultation and checkup last year with her arthritis doctor but she refused to drink the medicine prescribed to her. One of our close relative told us that it’s not safe to take the medicine daily because it might bring complications on other internal parts of her body. She’s trying our herbal sometimes but the ointment gives her the relief she’s looking for.

I’ve been browsing the net and found orthopedic surgeons Richmond  which offers outpatient surgical facility and promotes personalized healthcare. They believe that in order for us to claim that we have the best care we should have the best surgeons and the best facility. They specialize in orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology, interventional spine center, pediatric surgery, ear, nose, throat and other surgeries. They’re not affiliated or attached with hospitals so you’ll have no worry about scheduling an appointment. Since they specialize in many areas they will be able to give not just the right treatment but the best care and attention for their patients.


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