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Qualities of a Good CT daycare

Things that you should check when finding the right daycare for your child.

Connecticut day care is one of the popular options for working parents where they can confidently leave their kids as they go to work. Because of this, there a number of CT daycare providers around which gives the parent a difficult time deciding which daycare to choose for their kids.

When choosing a daycare where you can entrust your kids to, it is important to consider the following factors:

· License. When looking for a daycare for your child, the first thing that parents should check is the Daycare’s license. Licensed and accredited day care means they have been inspected and certified to provide safe, clean and healthy environment for the kids. Regular inspection is conducted and only those who have followed the rules and abide by the regulations can get accreditation and licenses. To make sure of this, daycare owners hire competent staff who have experience with child care and these staff will be given proper training to become fully equipped to provide the right care and attention to all the kids. All licensed daycare pass the sanitary standard so it provides a healthy and clean environment for the kids. It also has an excellent facility like fire escape, fire extinguisher, safe and clean toys and the like.

· Facilities and Environment. A good daycare center provides a safe, clean and stimulating environment where the kids can explore and learn. They should have the right toys and educational materials so kids will not only be given an opportunity to play, but to learn as well while they are staying at the daycare.

· Caring and Experienced Staff. The staff of the daycare is the heart and soul of the center as they have the big responsibility of taking care of the kids. Staffs who are dedicated can show real love and car for the kids. It is also important that staffs have the proper training on child care and early education so they will know how to handle any kind of situations and can be like a CT preschool where they can teach the kids the basics like alphabets, letters, colors, shapes and more so kids will have the opportunity to learn new things everyday.

· Child to Staff Ratio. Aside from the experience of the staff, parents should also look at the child to staff ratio of the day care. A small child to staff ratio is better as this means that staff can give much attention per child to ensure each of the child’s safety.

A parent who decides to bring their kids to a daycare is like assigning the center as the child’s second home. That is why it is really important for parents to take time and check the daycare if it will provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for their kids.

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