Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Being Modest and Simple

It’s always nice to attend weddings as you’ll get to see relatives, family, old friends and meet new ones also. Since it’s my Mom’s hometown it seemed Mom’s the most popular woman there in the wedding with plenty of greetings, kisses and update stories. They were so happy seeing her as we seldom visit the province. Well it looks like Mom is the most favored guest too. Anyway looking back at the wedding I noticed that guests in the province are more simple than in the city wherein you’ll never be surprised to see Black diamond earrings on special gatherings like parties, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions.

In the province they’re happier and livelier in their greetings but they’re modest in dressing up. That’s for the elderly and matured women but for the teeners they’re just the same as in the city. I guess it’s the trend nowadays to look more modern and vain in some aspects. I didn’t like kids having heavy makeup as they don’t look like innocent anymore. Moms should practice simplicity in the way they dress up their kids or in the way they doll up their face as it looks over most of the times. My fear is that they will get used to it and practice it when they’ve grown bigger. Just my thoughts and opinions only.


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