Monday, October 19, 2009

Tips for Smart Shopping#1

As it's nearing holiday seasons which is also the shopping season I have here some shopping tips here before you start heading on to clearance stocks sale or any sale you might encounter, be sure to read then before you shop. Just a reminder actually:

1) Start with the excess money you have for shopping, be sure to spend only what you have allotted for the shopping spree.

2) Please don’t buy what you don’t need. Sometimes we were so amazed with the great sale that we tend to buy oversized clothes or things that we don’t have usage for. Remember a good bargain is not just about the price but if you’ve spend lesser cost for the things that you need but can’t afford in the previous days.

3) Make a list of what you really need. It’s always important to have a list of what you own and what you still need for your wardrobe, accessories of house things.


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