Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking for Treadmill Exerciser

Sometimes I just feel like looking for some best deals on the net especially on gadgets, computers and technical equipment. It just doesn't matter if it's new or used because I'm just browsing for some ideas. Well served my purpose as it has collectibles on sale on their site. Here you can find some auto parts, properties, personal items, electronics, home and personal items, sports and hobbyist items, jobs, services, cars and many others.

Actually I was just looking for a workout equipment or a treadmill for my everyday exercise since I can't find the time to walk. I can settle for a second hand treadmill and I've found these two: A motorized treadmill priced at PhP17k and proteus treadmill exerciser for PhP20k. I still have to consult with hubby!


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