Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tips for Smart Shopping#2

More shopping tips here:

1) For your wardrobe it’s easier to buy clothes that you can mix and match, this way you can match your new purchases with your clothes in the wardrobe.

2) Your choice shouldn’t be overruled by price only. You should also think of quality over price. Also if you don’t need the item or if it doesn’t fit you don’t buy it even if it’s 70% off. If you buy the wrong size or wrong color I’m sure you’ll have no use for it and it will just join your unused clothes in your cabinet.

3) Last, you tried to focus on things that you can afford, leave those very expensive things you want but too high for your budget. Try to be smart in spending your money.

My Mom told me that the great rule in shopping is ‘Do not buy what you don’t need and don’t need what you cannot buy’. Sound very practical isn’t it?


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