Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why Choose Grommet Curtains?

Grommet curtains exude a touch of elegance and style compared with other curtain designs. Their exquisite looks and the eyelet where the rod is inserted make them suitable for formal rooms, office and dining area. They are so popular in both big and small houses because they are convenient to use by placing the rod inside the eyelet, the curtain panel is now ready to hang. 

It is also ideal for bedrooms since they can be easily adjusted if you like to close them or open to allow some sunlight in the room. If  you have a ceiling to floor windows or French doors, the curtains work best because they are easily folded when you want to slide the door without leaving wrinkles on the fabric. They are usually made of light materials and the price could reach as low as ten dollars. 

Although you can purchase grommet curtains  at  low prices,  just  be aware of imitations. Their popularity has prodded some manufacturers to produce low quality curtains. When you buy, look for reliable brand that gives you enduring and trendy curtains.  The  most  ideal  grommet  curtain  panels  are  those  that  provide  your window with fullness and height. 

Choose a curtain that is floor length or below the window sill. Most fabrics used in the manufacturing of these curtains are made of faux silk which makes it look regal,silk for elegance and taffeta for simplicity. When it comes to fullness, the basis in getting the exact length and size is the curtain must be two times bigger than the size of the window. 

The  rod  dimension  should  be  compatible  with  the  size  of  the  eyelet.  Use  your creativity when putting the curtains by having a 4 to 6 inches wide stack back to make the  window appear  big  while  allowing more  light  to  enter  the  room.  The bigger the window is, the bigger the number of panels are needed.


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