Monday, February 17, 2014

Benefits of Photography

Photography is one of my passions in life aside from writing and cooking. It excites me to shoot the sky, events, flowers and kids’ faces. My children’s school events would never pass without my best shots and every moment in our family life is always recorded in photos. I may not have the most expensive camera but I always capture the best shots to record our fondest and memorable moments. Memories of our past are best to remember through photos. 

Throughout the years its value is priceless and beyond compare that’s why I always see to it that I record every moment so when my kids gets older they’ll have memories of their childhood written in every picture they see. If my photos consists mainly of kids, events and food some other have fascination of other own. I’ve known a friend who practices photography in the forest and takes wildlife camera traps and SLR camera with him whenever he schedule photo shoot in the wilderness. It takes some courage and patience but it’s worth it because if you’ll see his best shots you’ll be amazed at how he captured the best of the wildlife.


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