Monday, January 27, 2014

Loving the High Tech Musical Instruments

My daughter tried the electric bass guitar last week and she loves the feel of it especially that it’s easy to pluck than her acoustic. The head musician in the church is training her for a church pianist but once in a while he let her use the electric guitar. My daughter loves techie gadgets and it expands to her music instruments as now she’s canvassing for her own electric guitar.

I hope with this new wish on her list she will not include other musical accessories like inexpensive cardiode instrument microphone at guitar center as I have no funds for those right now. Well I’m happy that my kids are very interested with musical instruments but they will have to wait if they want to ask for high tech instruments. Next year I’ll save for their dream instruments like drum set for the little boy and electric guitars for my two teenagers so they will also improve their skills and be professional enough to play in the church.


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