Friday, January 17, 2014

A Case for Phone Individuality

A Galaxy Note 2 rubber case could be just what the phone doctor ordered to protect your phone from scrapes, drops, and other mishaps. If it helps, you can think of the case as a form of vaccination against the little traumas in life without all of the controversy and rules that surround real vaccinations. Your phone is important to you, yet as it comes from the factory, it is terribly blah. 

When one of the greatest innovations that Apple introduces is that its phone can come in colors, you know something is wrong. It’s like we are all back in the time when Henry Ford introduced the automobile. “People can have any color car they want, as long as it’s black.” Ford had to cave just a couple years later when he introduced different colored chassis. 

This is America. Americans take pride in their individuality. That’s how the west was won, and that long tradition should not be squelched by the impersonal, mass production of mega-conglomerate corporations who would prefer that people became consuming machines rather than those with a conscience and choice. It is a good thing that companies created cases that come in different colors and styles and have different motifs. You can get everything from Disney to skulls for your phone. Are you an Autobot or a Decepticon? There’s a case for that. The best part is that unlike a car paint job, these cases are relatively cheap. When you tire of one, you can get another, or switch them out every day. 

Like a Red Rubber Ball A Galaxy Note 2 rubber casecan help save a lot of abuse that your phone might otherwise absorb. Just because the case is rubber does not mean that it turns your phone into a bouncy ball, so do not throw it against the ground in an attempt to see how high it will bounce. (Unless you are getting a new phone, don’t care about the toxic materials in the phone, and are filming it to be put on YouTube and become the next, great viral video.)


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