Thursday, August 29, 2013

Search Engine Marketing Tools You Should Consider

Using search engine marketing tools is a must for any company working to establish its online presence. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of getting your website to rank higher up in the organic search results. The latter are the results located in the middle of the search results page, rather than in the advertising sections on the right side or the top of the page. Multiple tools are available for you to take advantage of when optimizing your website. Here are a few that any business owner should consider.

Keyword Research

Any successful SEO campaign begins with keyword research. In this step, it is your task to determine the right keywords, which are most valued by the market you are trying to reach. Keywords are terms and phrases you will need to incorporate into your website in order to boost its rating among other similar products and businesses. Multiple keyword research tools are available online, many of them free to use. These tools allow you to figure out which word combinations are searched for most frequently, and hence should be used by your website.

Keyword Selection

Once your narrow your search down to several keywords, enter these words into all major search engines to see how many search results are produced. The amount of results you find is the amount of competition your website will have when using these keywords. If a popular keyword or phrase produces too many results, it sometimes pays to go with a little less popular one, which has not been as heavily used by others. This will reduce the amount of competition you will have to deal with.

Analytics Tools

If you are not taking advantage of one of the several analytics tools available online, you are not doing a good job of tracking your SEO campaign’s results. Analytics is one of the search engine marketing tools that helps you see which strategies work and which ones need to be adjusted. It helps you understand the visitors’ behavior, take action to attract more traffic to your website, make the visitors stay on the pages longer, and incite them to come back again.


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