Thursday, August 29, 2013

Customized Print Your Design Mousepad

Working in front of computer seems so tiring at times and you need something that will either perk up your senses or let you enjoy your things around you to keep you enlighten.  This is the reason why I always want to use pretty and petite mouse above a mousepad with cute designs.  Well it's just my way of fighting off boredom and lack of enjoyment.
Now if you're like me who wants to improve the area of computer and be surrounded with pretty things around you when working, then you can order a round mouse pad like the one pictured above.  The round mousepad comes with your own choice of photo printed on it. You will choose a photo of your own and upload it onto our online maker and they will print it onto an 8 inch diameter rounded mouse pad.

The mousepad is durable enough to use everyday and can be used either on your office or in your home office. Measures 8" diameter..

Found this one at and sells at USD5.99.


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