Monday, August 26, 2013

Recovering Deleted Computer Data

There are many reasons files get deleted from your computer. It can be because your hard drive crashed and needed to be formatted and re-installed. Other times, your system gets infected with the Trojan virus which may wipe out your data. You can also get your files deleted when your system suddenly shuts down or there is a software failure. 

Most of the time, however, the deletions are accidental. You probably meant to delete only one file but ended up deleting an entire folder, or you deleted some files only to realize that there is one file you still need for a presentation, or there are more versions than one and you deleted the wrong version. These are instances that can make you hyperventilate and pull your hair. Don’t worry it is normal to get frustrated. 

But you don’t need to get frustrated for so long because there are ways to recover lost files. First, look in the Recycle Bin and check if the files are still there. Sometimes, out of frustration, people forget that computers have a way to keep your files, as long as you didn’t press Shift+Delete. You only need to restore the file if it’s still in the Bin. Another option is to “Restore previous versions” in the Explorer. Click on the folder where the file was originally located and right-click to see the restore option. It may be able to go back on a previous date and recall previous files in the folder. 

If these two options do not work, fret not! As long as you don’t save or download anything else, your missing file is still in limbo somewhere within your system. The explanation is that even if you delete a file, say 30MB big, that space becomes usable but is not in the system’s priority to use yet. Your computer will use up your remaining space, 150MB for example, if you only need less than that for a new file. But if your download is 160MB, your 30MB usable space will be consumed and your deleted file is gone forever. 

Given that you haven’t overwritten your disk with new files, you will still need software that is capable of recovering your deleted files. There are some free programs available in the internet but paid recovery software will give you more options. If your lost files are way too precious (imagine losing all of your weddings pictures!), take time to read reviews and get only the most efficient software in the market. 

About the Author: Joyce relies heavily on computers. Her files are regularly backed-up but was once needed the help of recover my files to retrieve an important document that was accidentally deleted.


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