Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vacationing and Shopping in Paris

My friend took a vacation in Paris and she told us all her experiences in her stay in that romantic place. Most of her stories were about hopping to various shopping stores that sells perfume, clothes and bags. She’s very fond of beautiful bags and she will not go home without buying plenty of her whims. Since Paris is the place for fashion people go there to shop for stylish and fashionable clothes and accessories without being so mindful of the price because if you really love the best of things you should also pay for it. 

Well since it’s not a luxurious vacation my friend looked for a nice vacationing hotel which is just around the shopping area and within her budget. But when she and her husband saw the luxury paris apartment rental they changed their minds and booked for an experience of a real luxury vacation. They just consoled themselves that it’s not every day that you have a chance to have a vacation in Paris so they might as well enjoyed it fully. It’s an experience that she always wants to remember.


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