Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shopped for Quality and Affordable Guitar

When my daughter posted her picture in FB showing her strumming her acoustic guitar her friends asked her if she really plays guitar. Actually she knows a little of it when she was in grade school but I enrolled her in piano class so she concentrated more on learning piano than on learning guitar. Now that she’s comfortable with her piano she asked us to buy her own acoustic guitar so she can start learning again.

I’ve searched for a quality and affordable acoustic guitar for my sister because she volunteered to sponsor it and even if we were not able to buy something like takamine acoustic guitars at Musicians Friend we’re happy that we bought a nice guitar not just for Gen but for all of them. Maybe next year I’ll be able to afford a higher quality guitar and that’s also when my daughter is already expert in playing guitar. Well she learns fast and in few weeks and months I will not be surprised if she’ll have dozens of musical pieces to play for us.


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