Monday, May 28, 2012

Tempting Deals on Gadgets

I’ve again found so many nice deals online and much as I want to avail of the tempting promos I know that it’s not my priority right now. Every day I receive half a dozen offers for discounted items on house ware, food and dining, beauty care, bags, shoes, home accessories, gadgets and a lot more. The latest I almost gave in was that of tablet computers which was on a 50% discount. 

I was really saving for it but I need to wait for a little more time. It was so tempting but I decided to buy it in the next few months because I still have to complete my kids’ school things. Anyway I still have some purchased vouchers from past months’ deals and one by one we dropped by those stores which are mostly bakeshop and pizza house. The kids are always excited to claim those vouchers and we do it on Sundays after our fellowship service. Now whenever we’re on the road you can hear them asking what voucher will we still claim in the next few days.


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