Monday, May 28, 2012

Horse Back Riding

We’re going back to Baguio at the end of the year for our December camp fellowship and vacation. It was really a relaxing vacation when you’re in a cool and scenic place but actually when we were there last year we also got tired of walking and going to different places in the area. Since it’s our family’s first time there we used all our time in visiting known places there. Sometimes we walked home to our vacationing house an hour before midnight because we enjoyed boating in the Burnham Park. 

One thing that I didn’t enjoy there is riding on horses. We hadn’t much time then but next time we would also enjoy riding in horses with english saddles to complete our vacation. We’re now planning ahead of time as we’re going to Baguio as a whole church and we’re around more than 70 members so you could just imagine how happy we would be riding in one bus and staying in a 3-storey house. It’s such a welcome thought to think about.


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