Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking Care of His Toys

I’ve been surfing yesterday night looking for prices of digital cameras when my little boy asked me if I could search for his favorite yoyo. Since he saw a competition of yoyo in one of the shows that he’s watching he’s been searching for the same toy that the contestant was using in the show. He has some regular toys of that kind but he’s pining for the one with solid spin axle system that will give him a nice exhibition play. He also wants to see the one with 2 different bearings as he heard it from his classmates. 

Boys really love toys and this little boy of mine is starting to show fondness for collecting good and quality toys. He’s also making an effort to arrange and keep all his toys to my designated drawers because he learned from me that doing so will make his toys last longer. Since he wants to keep his fave toys for a long time he’s following my advice. Hope he’ll stay the same when he grows up.


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