Friday, February 10, 2012

A Great Duvet Size Chart For Your Bed Linen

Before choosing a duvet for your bed, consider your sleeping preferences. Once you have determined how you like to sleep, you will easily find the right duvet for you. When choosing a duvet you need to consider three important factors; the size of your duvet, the weight of your duvet and the filling of your duvet. Each of these make a difference to your comfort. 

The size if your duvet is very important to the comfort of your sleep. On a cold winters night you need a duvet that is big enough to keep you warm. On the other hand you also do not want to feel like you are drowning in your duvet. You should match the size of your duvet to the size of your bed. The White Company has a convenient duvet size chart enabling you to find the measurements of the duvet for your bed size. For a cot bed a duvet should have the dimensions 47” x 55”, single bed duvet 55” x 79”, double 79” x 79”, king 89” x 87”, superking 102” x 87” and emperor 114” x 92”.

When looking for a duvet the weight of the duvet should be light. Whether a duvet is heavy or light does not represent how warm it may be. Lightweight duvets can insulate your body from the cold just as effectively as heavier ones. The warmth of the duvet all depends on the filling of the duvet. 

A duvet will only be as comfortable and as warm as its filling will allow it to be. You must therefore choose carefully. Fillings made from natural fibres, goose, down, wool, silk or cotton is a popular chose as they are the most comfortable for a good nights sleep. Your body will be able to breathe while your body heat is trapped keep you warm throughout the night. Because your duvet is breathable you will stay warm in winter and cool in the summer without having to change. 

The White Company duvets come in a range of these sizes. For example, buy this comfortable goose down duvet in single, double, king, super king, or emperor size. 

Shop for duvets from The White Company and choose the size that’s right for your home.


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