Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back Pain Relief #1 - The Cobra

This is part of the three-part relief exercise from back pain:

1. Lie flat on your stomach, hands by your side, feet together
2. Place your hands, palms down, besides your waste. Your fingers should be pointing forward.

3. Inhale as you begin to lift yourself up on your hands, bringing the head back and arching the spine as far as it will go. keep your legs straight. Don't bend your knees - you want to lift yourself up, kind of as if you were doing push-ups with paralyzed legs. Think of the way a cobra lifts its head up and leaves its body and tail on the ground.

4. As you lift yourself up, you don't have to keep going until your arms are straight, but keep your pelvic area pressed firmly to the floor.

5. Exhale. And ower yourself back down gently. Repeat the exercise a number of times. You will feel your tightness diminish with each repetition of the exercise. You should try to hold yourself in the upward position for about 15 seconds.

Will post The Snake and The Locust style of exercise later.


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