Monday, November 30, 2009

Bonifacio Day Parade/Cainta’s 438th Anniversary

Since it’s a national holiday we’re complete in the house except of course my DH whose job never seems to have holidays except for Christmas, New Year and Black Friday. Yes, that’s the only holidays they have in their company whose one of the known appliance store in the country. We waited for the big parade but when it finally came it wasn’t what I’m expecting for. Several years ago the Nov. 30 parade which celebrates two occasions – Bonifacio Day and our own town 50th anniversary foundation (fiesta). I’m expecting more content in the parade but I surmised that life is really difficult these days that’s why they only have simple celebration.

Anyway the parade consisted of chosen people in various barangay, some women’s organization, some colleges and schools, some companies in our town, there’s also a fraternity group there with long line of group chapters. Forgive my thoughts but I was in a trance with the theme of the parade and I’m wondering why they’ve included different kinds of never ending Ati-Atihan groups which solicits money while on parade. It showcase a group of gays scantily clad in women’s underwear with black paint and dancing to the tune of Ati-atihan dance without a hint of the real native dance. The real Ati-atihan natives would be disappointed when they get to see these imitators.

I’m just glad that there are bands of musicians in the parade representing primary schools which included my kids’ and my Mom’s school of course. They’re in their best costume and effort to bring music and the little majorettes were simply cute. They’re my daughter’s classmates. I love music and I enjoy seeing different musical bands with their specific instruments which seems to be a heavy load for them especially the drumset lol! They’re good and they’re well practiced. It’s a good thing that they come in different groups to balance the long parade.

I also like the exhibition of motorists who presented some heart falling stunts, I just love the 5-year old rider whom I’ve seen also last year. Some of my shots are awful as people walked in front and sides of the parade obstructing cameras from taking a nice shot. At the end of it I was surprised to see a group representing KKK and finally I was relieved that indeed it was a Nov. 30 parade. I was hoping that I will see more but that’s all there is.


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