Thursday, November 13, 2014

Technology and Environmental Safety

Innovations in technology give us an edge in using modern equipment to simplify our work and household chores. We have automatic washing machine to free us from the tiring task of washing our clothes because with the automatic equipment it’s easier and quicker to have our washing done. We also have advanced machines in our kitchen to give us convenience in cooking and cleaning equipment to do our chores around the house with ease. But as we say it has its pros and cons as well because using modern day equipment has disadvantages too like the pce contamination that they found in dry cleaner shop.

In dry cleaning business they use chemicals instead of water to complete the cleaning process of your clothes and belongings that need to be cleaned carefully without using water. And though I can recommend having your stuff toys, suits, gowns and other delicate clothes dry cleaned you can also try to see if your dry cleaning shops follow Environmental-friendly procedures. As they regularly use certain chemicals to deliver quality cleaning services its best that they know the standard procedures in administering and storing such chemicals.

These chemicals can be a source of toxins and contaminants in your place which can be transmitted through soil contamination like the perc contaminants discovered in Bloomington Cleaners where the owner himself had his shop’s flooring and parking grounds reported and excavated for possible contamination of soil. It’s good that he became aware of environment and learned that exposure to contamination can cause liver diseases. With the help of Enviroforensics you can have your place subjected and checked for soil/groundwater investigation and remediation, vapor intrusion assessment and mitigation.


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