Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Moving our Computers

We’re giving our house its long overdue attention not only in spring cleaning but in adding and renovating some rooms as well. The kids are fast growing up and we need to allocate a comfortable place of their own in the house. They need not just their own bedroom but a computer cum study room that will give them a good ambiance and learning environment. Our computer room was transformed into my Mom’s ground floor bedroom and we decided to transfer the kids’ room to the upper storey as they’re still young to go up and about the house unlike my Mom who find it hard now to climb the stairs often. 

Now that we need to transfer our desktop computers upstairs we need to make sure that everything will be handled carefully just like when someone is moving into a new house and need something like foam crown molding from foambymail.com to handle delicate china, glasses and even electronic gadgets. Our computers are so precious and expensive that we must ensure safe handling before taking them up in the upper floor It should also be kept for at least a day in the proper cases before we unpack as dust accumulates fast when we’re doing general cleaning and moving.


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