Friday, March 14, 2014

Love for Gadgets and Instruments

It’s fun browsing through new releases of mobile phones, tablets and laptops which I frequently do as my hobby. I love gadgets but I don’t buy on impulse. I do a lot of research and comparing when I want a particular gadget and I save my online income to buy it on my birthday. This habit is just a way of rewarding me for a year of hard work and for having two jobs at a time. Having a regular office job and online job at the same time is no joke and to compensate myself I allot some of my money for a self-gift. 

Well sometimes it’s not always gadgets as I also love buying musical instruments and accessories. My kids play instruments and though we cannot afford the expensive ones I see to it that they can play even on the regular brand instruments. This is good for our home use only because if the need is for our church musical instruments it should be of superior brand because our usage is high as well. Just like now that we need the kind of kustom amplifiers to replace our old one in which we’re planning to save for a high quality brand. From experience we know that buying it instead of low quality brands will ensure not just long period of usage but superior performance as well.


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