Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some Updates in Technology

As always I was amazed again at the fast innovation of technology especially in the computer world. I saw in the news the latest gadgets on show on one fair which showcase a laptop that can also be like a tablet with advanced features on transferring pictures from camera to computers. It’s not available in the market right now but in few weeks’ time I’m sure it will be on top high end stores. Well my friends who love to update their gadgets and computers might be interested in this but for me I have other priorities. 

I have plenty of things in line for financial funding this month that even a craving for a G-shock watch might not be satisfied. This year I’m going to be so wise in spending my hard-earned money and family’s needs will always be on the top list aside from our church expenses. Money is hard to earn these days that having two jobs is already a blessing. I just have to manage my salaries on both jobs wisely to avoid debts. That’s my resolution for this New Year.


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